Welcome to Suikoushya

Located in Arashiyama, Kyoto, "Suikoushya" is a design and construction firm. We specialize in traditional Japanese carpentery and working with traditional Japanese homes. We also enjoy sharing the knowledge and skill, therefore hosting regular workshops.

Woodworking School has started!

We are starting an international crafts school in Kyoto where students can learn about traditional Japanese woodworking, in English!


Design and Constrution

Our passion lies in working with wood, using traditional methods and techniques that have sustained houses for hundreds of years. Incorporating the traditional techniques with a modern design, we seek to create the ideal living area for every individual. Since

One Day Workshops

Learn from a Carpenter in Kyoto! Japanese woodworking is known for its precision, delicacy, and beauty. My dream is to make Japanese woodworking more accessible to foreign people. I personally find great enjoyment working with wood, and I would love

SICS in Kyoto 

Suikoushya International Craft School in Kyoto  “Currently, there are several places to learn about woodworking in Japan; however, they are hosted in Japanese. Over the past few months, I have learned that there are many people who wish to study

Rare Types of Kanna, The Tool Museum, Places to see Unique Constructions... All here on the Blog!

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Tool Stores in Kyoto!

A comprehensive list of quality tool stores in Kyoto!

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Thank you very much for a fantastic guiding and help to locate some of Kyoto's tool shops. It made my stay extra effective and pleasant. And thank you for introducing me to the whetstone sharpening and the professional guidance in sharpening my chisel. Looking forward to next time we meet.

Tore Forsberg From Norway

I was lucky enough to attend one of their workshops. I've always been interested in woodworking and specifically moved to Japan in hope that I'd get the chance to learn. After being here for almost a year I was super excited to of finally found a woodworking workshop :) Kawai-san and his apprentice Dylan were both very welcoming and were very patient with me. This by far was one of the best days I've had in Japan... I'm looking forward to attending more.

Tamara Soo From South Africa