*Below is a list of Japanese hand tools recommended by Takami at Suikoushya. If you would like to purchase these tools, please click on the green link button below. The item will be added to your shopping cart and ready for check out (on the top right corner of the page).


All the tools will be shipped directly from Japan.


Tsukinomi 24mm

Japanese paring chisel – 24mm


Tatakinomi 24mm

Japanese striking chisel – 24mm


Tatakinomi 12mm

Japanese striking chisel – 12mm


Tatakinomi 6mm

Japanese striking chisel – 6mm



A tool specifically made for adjusting the ring of tatakinomi.

*We can also help you find other sizes. Please contact us if you are looking for nomi of other sizes.



Kanna 48mm

Japanese Hand Plane – 48mm


Kanna 70mm

Japanese Hand Plane – 70mm

*We can also help you find different types or sizes of kanna. Please contact us and let us know what you are looking for.


Japanese Marking Tools


Traditional Japanese Marking Tools – the Ink Pot. You can check out our introductory video of how to use the sumitsubo.

Marking Set

This marking set include the sumitusbo, sumisashi (bamboo brush), strings, cotton and Japanese inks.