For this tier, you will receive a  selection of Japanese hand tools recommended by Takami.

a : Kanaban(Metal plate)

b : Diamond plate

c : ShiageToishi #8000(Sharpening stone)

d : Naka Toishi #1000 (Sharpening stone)

e : Sashigane(Square)

f  : Sukoya(Try square)

g : Kusegane(Free square)

h : Sagariwauchi(For ring)

i  : Ryobanokogiri 240mm(Saw)

j  : Shitabajogi(Straight edge)

k : Shiage Kanna70mm(Finish hand plane) 

l  : Chushiko Kanna 48mm(For make shape)

m : Kiwakanna Left(Japanese shoulder plane)

n : Kiwakanna Right(Japanese shoulder plane)

o : Nomi 6mm(Chisel) 

p : Nomi 12mm(Chisel) 

q : Nomi 24mm(Chisel)  

r : Tsukinomi 24mm(Paring chisel)

s : Kanazuchi (Hammer)

t : Genno (Big hammer)




Enjoy creating stone bases and joineries!


stone base


Level 1: watariago


Level 2: arishiguchi


Level 3 : hozo & hozo ana


Level 4 : koshikake-aritsugite

All your support for this campaign will be used to cover the cost of land lease and building materials needed to set up the school in France.

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