Byodo-in (平等院), a temple dating back to the late Heian Period almost 1000 years ago, is a designated UNESCO World Heritage site. Byodo-in is located in Uji
(宇治), a city famous for its green tea, and is a short train ride from either Kyoto or Nara. You can also enjoy a nice bike ride from Kyoto, which takes about 90 mins to 2 hours.
The famous Amida-do (阿弥陀堂), is often referred to as the Phoenix Hall (鳳凰堂). There is a pair of golden Phoenixes on the ridge of the Central Hall. Its namesake is also in reference to the form of the building, which evokes a bird, or a Phoenix in this case, spreading its wings.
While the Central Hall houses a seated statue of a seated Buddha, as well as other Jodo Buddhism sect art from the Heian Period, the side wings don’t serve any particular function. However, they play a great role in balancing the mass of the Main Hall.


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Byodo-in (平等院)in Uji Kyoto~Kyoto Traditional Architecture guide~