A list of the tools used in the course at Suikoushya International Craft School in Kyoto.

If you have the tools, you will be able to firmly acquire the skills in the month.

The exact tools you may need will depend on the kind of work you will do.

The following tools are recommended:

(Tools are listed from left to right)

The prices shown are for purchase in Japan.

玄翁 Big Hammer 2200 Yen
金鎚 Hammer 1500 Yen



指し金 Sashigane (Carpenter’s Square) 1900 Yen
スコヤ Try Square 1100 Yen
自由矩 Bevel Gauge 900 Yen



両刃のこぎり Ryoba Nokogiri 5500 Yen~



突きのみ 24 mm Tsuki Nomi (Paring Chisel) 12000 Yen~
たたきのみ 24 mm Tataki Nomi (Striking Chisel) 11000 Yen~
たたきのみ 12 mm Tataki Nomi (Striking Chisel) 8500 Yen~



Good to have other sizes: 9mm, 6mm, 3mm.



小鉋 48mm Kanna (Hand Plane) 15000 Yen~
鉋 70mm Kanna (Hand Plane) 25000 Yen~



際鉋左 36 mm Kiwa Kanna left 13000 Yen~
際鉋右 36 mm Kiwa Kanna right 13000 Yen~



金盤 Metal Plate 3200 Yen~
ダイアモンド砥石 Diamond Plate 5500 Yen~
砥石 Sharpening Stone #1000 1800 Yen~
仕上げ砥石 Sharpening Stone #8000 6500 Yen



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Recommended Tool Stores

All tools cannot be used immediately after purchase. All tools such as chisels, planes, and hammers start from maintenance.

We have published a method of preparing tools that can be understood even in the beginner.

Please check before using the japanese hand tools.

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