I am Takami Kawai, a Japanese carpenter.

I share fine woodworking using Japanese hand tools with people all over the world.

Learn more about Japanese woodworking tools.

If you want Japanese woodworking tools, please refer to My recommended tools first.

Recommended Tools

If you want to learn how to use Japanese woodworking tools, please watch the video Using Japanese Woodworking Tools.

Using Japanese Woodworking Tools (Videos)

If you come to Japan, go to Tool Stores .

It’s exciting to see Japanese original woodworking tools.

Tool Stores

If you can’t come to Japan, you can purchase at Online japanese woodworking tools stores.

Online japanese woodworking tools stores

If you have the opportunity, you can also participate in Event on Japanese woodworking tools.

Event on Japanese woodworking tools


All tools cannot be used immediately after purchase. All tools such as chisels, planes, and hammers start from maintenance.

We have published a method of preparing tools that can be understood even in the beginner.

Please check before using the japanese hand tools.

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