About Suikoushya

While there are several places to study Japanese woodworking in Japan, almost all of them are taught in Japanese. I felt that the passion in Japanese carpentry shouldn’t go to waste because of language barriers, so I started the “Study Woodworking in Japan!” Kickstarter Campaign back 2018. With the generous support of 221 supporters, we were able to start our school in Kyoto, where people from all over the world came to join our One-Month classes to learn the fine art of Japanese carpentry without having to speak or understand Japanese.


Suikoushya around the world

Two years have passed since our school first opened its doors, and we have had the pleasure of sharing Japanese woodworking with a diverse group of students. However, there are still many who wanted to come and study with us in Japan, but weren’t able to do oso due to physical and economic reasons. So I had this idea about bringing Japanese woodworking to them instead. The goal of this Suikoushya support project is to bring my school to the world. This way, the physical barrier will be removed, allowing me to share our Japanese woodworking skills and knowledge with more people from different parts of the world.
I want to create a classroom in different parts of the world to share Japanese woodworking with woodworking fans from all over the world.


Can Japanese woodworking be only experienced in Japan?

What I teach here at Suikoushya is the Japanese carpenter’s mindset and the tool adjustment skills for making things.  The classes will focus on these two points. Wherever you learn, you can learn the skills and the spirit of a Japanese carpenter through my class. I will pass along the skills, knowledge and mindset of the traditional Japanese carpenter!


About the future activities of Suikoushya

We will build woodworking schools around the world where you can learn Japanese woodworking in English, and teach the same One-Month course as our original Kyoto school. If you weren’t able to come to Japan because it’s too far away, or if you live in nearby our school, please join us at our school in France.


In order to share this fine woodworking with more people, we will need have a workshop space where we can do the teaching. A classroom space to learn, even if it is small.

The funds raised will be used to cover the material and construction costs of the new learning space.


I look forward to sharing Japanese woodwork with you in your country!


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1:Just support


2:Videobook@Suikoushya youtube


3:Suikoushya original textbook


4:Traditional Japanese towel


5:Happi (Traditional Workman’s Livery Coat) + Traditional Japanese Towel


6:Joinery production kit taught at school


7:Online video lessons for a month


8:Suikoushya original special chisel set


9:A set of Japanese hand tools
( beginner set)         (carpenter set )


10:Special Kanna


Thank you for your support!

Let’s enjoy Japanese woodworking together!