About Suikoushya

This is Takami of Suikoushya. I’m a Japanese traditional carpenter.

The Suikoushya International School in Kyoto is a Japanese woodworking school where you can learn in English. Our school was made possible with the support of woodworking fans around the world through our 2018 Kickstarter Campaign.  It’s been about two years since the Suikuoshya first opened its door in Kyoto, and I’m very happy to have shared wonderful Japanese woodworking with people from all over the world.


Suikoushya around the world

There are a lot of people who want to learn and experience first hand the art of Japanese woodworking, However, there are still many people who may have a hard time learning woodworking because of physical and financial constraints. That is why I want to go around the world to share Japanese woodworking with more people who aren’t able to make the trip to Japan.

I want to convey to you the essence of Japanese craftsmanship through real construction in addition to the classroom lessons. So we have this idea to build our schools in different parts of the world. We would be building it from scratch, so students can learn through the actual building process, and use it as a place for learning Japanese woodworking after its completion.


Can Japanese woodworking be only experienced in Japan?

I want to bring Japanese woodworking to people from all over the world!

What I teach here at Suikoushya is the Japanese carpenter’s mindset and the tool adjustment skills for making things.  The classes will focus on these two points. Wherever you learn, you can learn the skills and the spirit of a Japanese carpenter through my class. I will pass along the skills, knowledge and mindset of the traditional Japanese carpenter!


About the future activities of Suikoushya

Starting from 2021, our Japanese woodworking school will be held in Marseille, France. Right now, the world is being divided by COVID-19. But if you are a woodworking enthusiast living in the EU and are passionate about Japanese woodworking, please join us in France! Suikoushya will be in France for a limited time only, so don’t miss it!

We would very much like to gather support for this endeavour. All your support for this campaign will be used to cover the cost of land lease and building materials needed to set up the school in France. As we hope to bring Suikoushya to different parts of the world, the next school may just be built in your country!

I look forward to sharing Japanese woodwork with you in your country!


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  1. Just support
  2. Videobook@Suikoushya youtube
  3. Suikoushya original textbook
  4. Traditional Japanese towel
  5. Happi (Traditional Workman’s Livery Coat) + Traditional Japanese Towel
  6. Joinery production kit taught at school
  7. Online video lessons for a month
  8. Suikoushya original special chisel set
  9. A set of Japanese hand tools ( beginner set / carpenter set )
  10. Special Kanna


Thank you in advance for your support.

Let’s enjoy Japanese woodworking together!