Videobook@Suikoushya YouTube

We have compiled an index of all the videos we have made so far here at Suikoushya in this Videobook.

If you have any questions on Japanese woodworking, you may find the answer by going through this Videobook index. Please enjoy wonderful Japanese woodworking with us! I would be very happy if this text became a Japanese woodworking video bible for you.


~table of contents~

1 Woodworking how to get started 

  1. About hand tools and adjustments
  2. The nature of tree
  3. About marking
  4. About wood processing
  5. Joinery works in construction
  6. Construction example
  7. Let’s enjoy crafting

2 About Japanese Joinery

  1. Joinery
  2. Shiguchi
  3. Wedges and pegs
  4. How to copy the shape
  5. How to make a floor
  6. How to make a roof
  7. How to make eaves
  8. Sashigane
  9. Japanese traditional marking method
  10. Japanese traditional roof

3 Other

4 About Suikoushya information

  1. Tools store
  2. Overseas workshop
  3. Japanese woodworking experience
  4. Consulting


The funds raised will be used to cover the material and construction costs of the new learning space and to create videos of Japanese woodworking techniques (shooting, editing, translation, etc.) that can be learned for free.

Thank you in advance!