There are  some types of online woodworking classes.

1: Suikoushya online japanese woodworking classes for a month(about 30h)

2: Suikoushya Torii production(ZOOM class about 6h)

3: Suikoushya introduction of japanese hand tools (about 1h)

4: Suikoushya online class learning with a model
-1 real construction course(about 2h)
-2 joinery course(about 2h)
-3 marking course(about 1h)

5: Online Japanese Carpentry Course through Real Construction (Pre-order sales start !!)



Suikoushya online japanese woodworking classes for a month


I made a video of a one-month class at the Suikosha Kyoto School. What the Master explained in Japanese has been translated into English.

Please see this page for details.⇒ online japanese woodworking classes for a month



Suikoushya Torii production

We made a Japanese torii gate and released the whole process for free.

Suikoushya Youtube Video for free

Take an online japanese woodworking classes to learn more about Torii production.


【Excerpts from reviews by online japanese woodworking classes participants.】

Thank you again for your enthusiasm I have learned a lot even though I have been a carpenter for over 40 years … The  way of Timber can always teach us new things … ~from Glenn~

Your level of craft skill is best in world ,I have studied many countries.I understand what you teach about Tori gate.
~from Andy~

It has been a pleasure to participate to the torii gate online class. Takami is a very good teacher and its English is not so hard to understand. I’ve learned a lot of aspect and technics to build a torii gate or other structure according to the japanese carpentry’s state of art.    ~FromEmeric~

In the current class I think if a student had no prior experience one might not get enough explanation from the lecture.
~from Richard~

please do not worry about your “Jenglish” . It ispossible to understand what you want to say and I cant imagine anyone who would not be willing to learn from you because of such minor imperfection. Please do some more online lessons🙂
~from Pavel~

Thank you for your support.  This is part of the review.  Please refer to it.




Suikoushya introduction of japanese hand tools

An explanation video about Japanese woodworking hand tools (chisel, plane, hammer, marking tool, etc.).

There are lots of information not found in the foreign books ! Please enjoy.⇒ Introduction of Japanese hand tools for free video


All tools cannot be used immediately after purchase.

All tools such as chisels, planes, and hammers start from maintenance. We have published a method of preparing tools that can be understood even in the beginner.

Please check before using the japanese hand tools.

suikoushya YouTube channel

Suikoushya International Craft School in Kyoto 




Suikoushya Online class learning with a model

Suikoushta Kyoto School, which collects the voices of people all over the world, was built using many popular joineries. I want to share the type, location, function and role of this joinery.

I will explain how to Design and construction process and assembly using a 1/5 scale model. I will explain the kanawatzugi that is popular among those joineries.

Not only you can deepen your understanding of fittings, but you can also experience actual construction.
Please participate in the construction of Kyoto school.

1:real construction course(about 2h)

2:joinery course(about 2h)

3:marking course(about 1h)



Online Japanese Carpentry Course through Real Construction

2022, We are building a Japanese carpentry school in France.
We will document this entire process with drawings, photos and videos, and make it an online course so that everyone can learn about Japanese carpentry in English through this real construction project.
We will use traditional Japanese techniques and construction methods, and use local materials such as wood, stone, and soil to build the most sustainable buildings possible. We hope you enjoy our carpentry learning materials.

Let’s enjoy woodworking together!⇒★kickstarter★



If you have any questions regarding the online Japanese woodworking classes, please feel free to message us here.

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