Suikoushya Torii gate production

We made a Japanese torii gate and released the whole process for free.

Suikoushya Youtube Video for free

Take an online japanese woodworking classes to learn more about Torii production.


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【Excerpts from reviews by online japanese woodworking classes participants.】

Thank you again for your enthusiasm I have learned a lot even though I have been a carpenter for over 40 years ... The  way of Timber can always teach us new things ... ~from Glenn~

Your level of craft skill is best in world ,I have studied many countries.I understand what you teach about Tori gate.
~from Andy~

It has been a pleasure to participate to the torii gate online class. Takami is a very good teacher and its English is not so hard to understand. I've learned a lot of aspect and technics to build a torii gate or other structure according to the japanese carpentry's state of art.    ~FromEmeric~

In the current class I think if a student had no prior experience one might not get enough explanation from the lecture.
~from Richard~

please do not worry about your “Jenglish” . It ispossible to understand what you want to say and I cant imagine anyone who would not be willing to learn from you because of such minor imperfection. Please do some more online lessons🙂
~from Pavel~

Thank you for your support.  This is part of the review.  Please refer to it.