A set of Japanese hand tools【Carpenter Set】

For this tier, you will receive a  selection of Japanese hand tools recommended by Takami.

a : Kanaban(Metal plate)

b : Diamond plate

c : ShiageToishi #8000(Sharpening stone)

d : Naka Toishi #1000 (Sharpening stone)

e : Sashigane(Square)

f  : Sukoya(Try square)

g : Kusegane(Free square)

h : Sagariwauchi(For ring)

i  : Ryobanokogiri 240mm(Saw)

j  : Shitabajogi(Straight edge)

k : Shiage Kanna70mm(Finish hand plane) 

l  : Chushiko Kanna 48mm(For make shape)

m : Kiwakanna Left(Japanese shoulder plane)

n : Kiwakanna Right(Japanese shoulder plane)

o : Nomi 6mm(Chisel) 

p : Nomi 12mm(Chisel) 

q : Nomi 24mm(Chisel)  

r : Tsukinomi 24mm(Paring chisel)

s : Kanazuchi (Hammer)

t : Genno (Big hammer)






Enjoy creating stone bases and joineries!


stone base


Level 1: watariago


Level 2: arishiguchi


Level 3 : hozo & hozo ana


Level 4 : koshikake-aritsugite



The funds raised will be used to cover the material and construction costs of the new learning space and to create videos of Japanese woodworking techniques (shooting, editing, translation, etc.) that can be learned for free.

Thank you in advance!