Online Stores


Here are some reputable online stores from Japan we have bought tools from:

のぼり刃物 Nobori Hamono

大工道具の曼陀羅屋 Mandaraya

平出刃mono Hiraide Hamono

倉重電動工具株式会社 YAMASUKE Japanese tools SHOP


These stores sell high quality, professional tools and ships internationally.

Please note that the websites are in Japanese and it is recommended to translate it using Google Translate.

Please keep in mind only a little English is understood by the stores.

To place orders, email the shop in simple, basic English.



All tools cannot be used immediately after purchase. All tools such as chisels, planes, and hammers start from maintenance.

We have published a method of preparing tools that can be understood even in the beginner.

Please check before using the japanese woodworking tools.

suikoushya YouTube channel

Japanese woodworking one month course