Note: This project is only open to Suikoushya alumni!



Would you like to join a project exploring the depth and beauty of Japanese tea room architecture?


With a mere 20 square meters, this small space provides a perfect opportunity to glimpse into the essence of Japanese architecture, showcasing construction techniques, spatial composition, and aesthetic consciousness. The project aims to share the secrets of Japanese architecture with participants, offering a platform to experience the charm of tea rooms from a fresh perspective.





Blueprints for Construction Teahouse


Tuition fee

  • 2 weeks short class >3000€
  • 1 month class > 5700€
  • 1.5 month class > 8100€
  • 2 months class > 10200€
  • 2.5 month class > 12000€
  • 3 months class > 13500€

You can sign up and start at any point in the class.

Long-term students will be notified of the discounted price after applying.

This price includes accommodation and daily meals.




Class Schedule

  • Building the foundation (stone foundation)
  • Marking (10 posts)
  • making joinery

First, we begin with the installation of pillar stones.

Next is marking and processing the pillars.

pillars are connected to the floor foundations and beams, so their processing is extremely important and time-consuming.



  • Marking (base, interior)
  • making joinery

Marking and processing of floor foundations, sliding rails (upper and lower), and ceiling parts.




  • Marking (roof)
  • making joinery

Marking and processing of beams and ceiling parts



  • Making joinery (roof)
  • temporary assembly
  • assembly

Beam, roof beam processing, temporary assembly, final assembly



Class-5(August. 12th-23rd)
  • Make a roof (single-roof)
  • build a wall
  • Make Kumiko Shoji (5peces)

Roof construction, wall base construction, sliding door construction




  • Interior work
  • Making Kumiko shoji (6peces)

Roof construction, mud wall construction, sliding door construction




Why not join this wonderful adventure where tradition and innovation in Japan converge?

Let’s enjoy woodworking together!