I like to visit woodworking tool shops in Japan. However, I like even more to make my own tools according to my own image. So at Suikoushya, I teach students how to make Kanna Dai.
If you can make a general Kanna, you can make it into a Soridai-kanna or even a Shihosori-kanna. You will have endless possibilities!
Be sure to check out this free video to learn how to make Kanna Dai.
Don’t be a bother, have fun making your own tools!
Please share your handmade tools with us.

We are creating online learning materials where you can learn about Japanese carpentry in English through the actual construction of the building!
It will be on sale at the kickstarter price from November 14th to December 6th, 2021, so be sure to check it out!




How to make Kanna Dai.
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