This cozy, family run business forges their own Nomi (Chisels) and sells them. They stock mostly Nomis but some other tools can be found including several Kanna (plane), Yari Kanna (blade only), and if lucky, Chouna (blade only).

Some Yari-Kanna blades laying around. You’ll have to make or buy the handle elsewhere though. Apparently in the olden times, all tools were sold blade only. Get the blades at the blacksmith and make your own handle, Kanna Base depending on personal preference.


Tuki-Nomi of all shapes and sizes.

All the Nomis on display. They were all made by the father-son team that runs the business.



Located near the Kyoto station, it is easily accessible. Not only does it have a variety of tools, rare tools can also be found.

The Nomis arranged in a shelf. The most organized arrangement we have seen so far.

  Kanna collection.

Chouna handles. We were pleasantly surprised they had it since it’s quite difficult to get your hands on these.

A beautiful Yari-Kanna on display. Sadly this one was not for sale. It was a gift to the shop from a blacksmith in Niigata.
 But fortunately, they have a different Yari-Kanna for sale.

Intriguing Kannas.


Miniature tools on display. Perfect to get the little ones started out young.


To get the location of the stores, head over here:



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A Walk Around Tool Stores (Part 3)
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