Learn Woodworking  with a Carpenter.2018/2/22

February 22
A young trilogy from California in the United States participated in Learn Woodworking  with a carpenter

One of the three people is making furniture and making nice furniture in California. For details, please refer to HP (https://www.etsy.com/shop/ValorWoodworks).

She also wanted to produce furniture in the future using Japanese tools for woodworking. She learned thoroughly about Japanese tools in general, especially how to use chisel. It was about a year since she started furniture, but the knowledge of woodworking was professional, so as soon as I taught she could be her own.

In shopping at the tool shop she seemed very happy when she was holding a natural sharpning stone.

Three people experienced planes respectively. They were very satisfied by experiencing the first planes.

It was a very cold day, but the three people enjoyed it as much as it was a short sleeve.

Please make nice furniture in California! !

I appreciate each other’s wonderful experiences.



At Suikoushya, we share traditional Japanese woodworking techniques and skills. Since it is a small group system, we will provide guidance tailored to each individual’s skills, from beginners to woodworking professionals. Please join us!
I look forward to sharing fine woodworking with you.

One month Japanese woodworking classes

Learn Woodworking tool with a carpenter.2018/2/22