“It’s difficult for the current me”.


“I’m not at that level yet”.


Are you giving up on taking up a challenge as you cannot do it perfectly?

If you think “If I’m going to do it, I want to do it successfully”, people fear the result before they start, and in the end nothing gets achieved.


Do you really think one can succeed by challenging it just once?


There are countless things which one can only understand when they actually experience it. It’s not a stretch to say the necessary conditions and skills required for success can only be obtained from experience.


Whatever it is, the second time goes better than the first. The tenth time goes better than the second.


It’s impossible to get a result 100 percent right from the beginning. What you must aim for at each challenge is the “100 percent right now for you”. Even if you lack the ability now, allowing yourself mental space and repeating the challenge will in the end, allow you to step closer to your ideal form.


The important thing is to not fear the initial challenge.


Also, perceiving 60 percent completion as failure is a mistake. The first experience allows you to figure out the theory, mentality and skills necessary to become closer to what you imagine. The knowledge and feeling obtained here clearly shows you what you lack, or a clear view of your next objective.


Even if it’s an incomplete experience, a person who repeats this a 100 times, compared to a person who puts no effort into getting their hands on getting 100 percent, will lead to a big difference.

Challenging with your “current 100 percent” will raise you and take you closer to the ideal form.


You should not wait until your ability is fully matured. Use 100 percent of your current ability and give it a challenge. The courage of stepping forward without hesitation will provide you something which cannot be tasted by anyone else.


Not able to reach your ideal even after a few years? Congratulations! That is a splendid thing. It simply means you still have plenty of room for growth.
















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