Do you ever think “Chance (opportunity) is something which only a handful of fortunate people receive”? I believe “Chance” is not something only a few people receive, instead appears equally to everybody.


People tell me “You’re lucky”. It’s not that I’m fortunate to be blessed with chances, but I am a person able to recognize when a chance appears in front of my eyes. Then why is it that there are “people who notice” and “people who don’t notice” when fair amounts of chance appears in front of everyone?


I believe people who are able to grasp the chance are those “who are prepared for the path they must proceed”. A person who is not the least bit prepared will not be able to notice the chance they were seeking for, even if it were to appear right in front of their eyes. In other words, if you’re not able to notice the chance, it simply means the preparations has not been done at all.


“Preparation” is something you have to do everyday, the result of accumulating the thing you yourself want to do. Do not think of it as something you have to do intentionally, but the accumulation of keeping on doing the thing you wish to do. When that has fulfilled inside you, the chance will appear in front of you. As long as you are able to see the chance, you will definitely be able to grasp it.


There is no need to fear that chance may not come by, or regret letting a chance slip by. A chance, which is ideal for the current you will definitely come in order. Everything comes down to your preparation.


However, this does not mean every chance which appears before you is the best for the current you. There’ll be times when the timing or condition is different from your expectations. When this occurs, there is no need to grab the chance. Decisively let it go. The next chance will certainly appear. Which to choose – this is up to you. Grab the chances one by one and make sure to step forward one step at a time.


What is your dream? How would you like to lead your life? If there was a million dollars in front of your eyes, would you be able to make your dream a reality from that moment? Have you prepared sufficiently? The preparations has been done when you’re in a state, “If I just have this, I can start anytime!”.

Once you’ve come this far, I’m sure you clearly know what “chance” is for you?

Chance will definitely appear in front of your eyes. Are you prepare to stretch your hands?






















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Chance (opportunity) 
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