“Do you make mistakes when working on the wood?”


Now, the amount of mistakes when working has reduced but even then, there are times when mistakes happen. In order to not make mistakes when working, what do we have to be careful for?

There is a thought I always keep in my heart, to minimize making mistakes while working.

“There exists only one of this material in the world”.

Observing the expression of each piece of material, I design where and how I will use it. As only one of each material exists in the world, if you lose the material you imagined with, it’s necessary to find a different material and come up with a different design from scratch. This leaves a considerable damage mentally as well. In the end, I firmly believe a material should be handled with care and utmost preparedness.

When working with a material which is the only one in the world, at that very moment, focus all your concentration. By being aware of this, the mistakes will definitely decrease. This is the mentality which straightens oneself. Do not rush. Handle the material with importance and steady care.

At times, we get requests from client asking to use materials they have prepared. This is something which the client themselves selected, spending the time and effort, a piece which is truly the one and only material. To make the client’s dream a reality, to not waste the thoughts that went into the idea or architecture, it’s necessary to do your best. If you always keep this in mind when working, you’ll be able to handle the materials anytime with a peace of mind. Taking importance in every opportunity, it’s important to be constantly aware when working.

It can be said the show of skills of a craftsmen is how they do not show the mistakes, even if they were to make one. Wood can be worked with in various ways. Even if it may take a little more time, a way where there is no backtracking (better safe than sorry) is in the end, the best way.

I do not believe making mistakes when working on something is in itself bad. The problem is a person taking on the work with a feeling of half-heartedness;“If I make a mistake, I can just redo it”,“There’s still plenty of materials left”. Your heart will definitely show in your movements.

Using the one and only material, making the one and only in existence.

Is the preparation of your heart ready?


















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