For this tier, you will get access to the filmed video of the Japanese Carpentry Course through Real Construction, as well as 3 additional online japanese woodworking classes.



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The textbook is scheduled to be completed in September 2022.



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The video series includes classes for the entire 4 month.


Plan and schedule


We are building Japanese wooden structures in a forest outside of Paris, and we will document the entire building process and turn it into a learning resource. This will a PDF textbook, with videos corresponding to the topic linked within the textbook. Everything will be translated into English.


An outline of what will be included in the learning material (from approximately 5 months of construction):

  • Surveying the Land and Site
  • Drawing and Marking Preparation
  • Estimating and Planning for Building Material
  • Making Sawhorse
  • Making Workbench
  • Building Material Preparation
  • Marking
  • Joinery Making
  • Temporary Assembly
  • Assembly work
  • Making the Roof
  • Making Walls
  • Making Floor
  • Making Opening Partitions
  • Making Building Components
  • Building School Equipment


Here are sample pages of the online textbook :


The funds raised will be used to cover the material and construction costs of the new learning space and to create videos of Japanese woodworking techniques (shooting, editing, translation, etc.) that can be learned for free.

Thank you in advance!

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