For this tier, you will get access to the filmed video of the one month class at Suikoushya, as well as 3 additional online japanese woodworking classes.


The additional 3 online japanese woodworking classes are;

    • Suikoushya introduction of japanese woodworking hand tools video
    • Torii gate project
    • Suikoushya model making video

Video for making a joinery and PDF plan (from joinery level 1~4)

Video for making a joinery (others)

Suikoushya original textbook

Videobook@suikoushya youtube



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The video series includes classes for the entire month, with about 30 hours worth of video content.

Plan and schedule

Introduction of Japanese woodworking tools(112min)

 Lesson 1 – About Tools – Kanna 34min

 Lesson 2 – About Tools_Nomi 2.5min

 Lesson 3 – About Tools  Saw, Japanese joinery 54min

 Lesson 4 – About Tools Nomi  21min


How to setup and blade sharpening(206min)

 Lesson 5 – Nomi Setup 36min

 Lesson 6 – Nomi Sharpening 50min

 Lesson 7 – Kanna Setup and blade sharpening 60min

 Lesson 8 – Different kanna setup 60min


How to use the tools(60min)

 Lesson 9 – how to use the tools 60min


Understand Nature of tree(60min)

 Lesson 10 – Nature of tree 60min


Get familiar with the tools by making small things(138min)

 Lesson 11 – Making Stone base – Part 1 60min

 Lesson 12 – Making stone base – Part 2 60min

 Lesson 13 – Making stone base – Part 3 18min


Learn how to make materials(28min)

 Lesson 14 – Making tool box – Part 1 19min

 Lesson 15 – Making tool box – Part 2 9min


About the reference line(47min)

 Lesson 16 – Extra Topic – How to find reference line 47min


Learn how to use tools and grain through the production of joinery(80min)

 Lesson 17 – Joinery – Watari ago 40min

 Lesson 18 – Joinery – Watari ago (Update) 40min


Japanese Woodworking Thinking(8min)

 Lesson 19 – Way of Thinking 4min

 Lesson 20 – Joinery – hozo hozoana 4min


Extra (303min)

 How to make a Joinery

(arishiguchi凸凹-31 minutes, kamatsugi凸凹-26 minutes, kanawatsugi-19 minutes, okkake tsugi-12 minutes, daimochi tsugi 13 minutes, okuriari凸凹-23 minutes, hanasen hozo-7 minutes)

 How to make a Stonebase  15 minutes

 How to use Sashigane 15 minutes

 How to mark a line 8 minutes

 How to adjust Kanna 35 minutes

 How to make Kanna 73 minutes

 How to adjust and sharpen Nomi 23 minutes


How to fix when a chipped blade(140min)

 Fixing the chipped blade 24min

 Shachitsugi 60min

 Joinery – Arishiguchi 56min


A story(7min)

 A story 7min


Make your own tools(60min)

 Making Kanna Body 60min


Make a joinery (120min)

 Joinery – Koshikake aritsugi 1 60min

 Joinery – Koshikake aritsugi 2 60min


Story (58min)

 Lesson 27 story 58min


Story (7min)

 Spark Joy Story - 7min



 Self-introduction 2min

 Takenaka Carpentry Tools Museum visit 2min



Below is a sample clip of one of the lessons. Please have a look:


The funds raised will be used to cover the material and construction costs of the new learning space and to create videos of Japanese woodworking techniques (shooting, editing, translation, etc.) that can be learned for free.

Thank you in advance!