The unit of length used in Japan is the “尺(shaku)”.

This unit is often used in Japan, China, and Southeast Asia.
Currently, the length of one 尺 is 30.3 cm, which is almost the same as the “1 foot” of the imperial system used in the United States and other countries.

Is there anything in common here?
Feet is a plural form of foot and is a body scale based on the average foot size of a person wearing shoes.

Actually, it seems that the standard when making the unit of 尺 was the “unit based on the stride length” when the carpenter at that time measured the length of the land. Therefore, it is natural that 1 foot and 1 尺 are almost the same. The unit of length seems to be designed to be easy to use based on our body parts.

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about 尺(shaku)