Study Woodworking in Japan!

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As mentioned the other day, we are starting a Japanese woodworking school here in Kyoto, Japan.

This school will be conducted in English where you will learn intensively about traditional Japanese woodworking. Moreover, it will be taught directly by an active Japanese carpenter. By learning about Japanese traditional woodworking with me, you can discover the charms and depth of the Japanese woodworking culture. With these attained skills, working with wood becomes an endless possibility.

School course outline:
1 Month course

Introduction to Japanese Woodworking Tools:
1. Basics of using Japanese Hand tools.
2. Going to the local tool stores.
3. Sharpening tools.
4. Setting up Nomi (chisels) and Kanna (hand planes).

Using Japanese Woodworking Tools:
1. Making a sharpening stone base.
2. Making a tools box.

Making Japanese Joinery:
1. Watariago.
2. Hozo (Mortise and Tenon).
3. Hozo with Kusabi and Komisen.
4. Ari Tsugi (dovetail).
5. Kama Tsugi.
6. Sachi Tsugi.
7. Okkake-Daisen.
8. Kanawa Tsugi.
9. Dai-Mochi tsugi.
10. Okuri Ari.

Getting familiar with a Kanna:
1. Making a Kanna Dai.
2. Using a Kanna, making a flat surface.
3. Challenge getting thin shavings.

We have started a Kickstarter page to help build the school. For those interested, please check it out! Woodworking in Japan!

We appreciate any contributions.
Thank you!

Study Woodworking in Japan!