Ise Jingu Shrine is built aiming for the ultimate beauty. To achieve this, the latest and greatest machines, as well as tools of only existence in the world is used. It might come as a surprise, but the work is not entirely done just with hand tools.


Parts where a machine can provide a superior finish, a machine will be used. Whereas, parts where it’s better finished with hand tools are done with hand tools. What this means is that the machineries and tools used, the techniques of carpentry, are just options in the aim for the ultimate beauty.


There is no mentality of “hand tools are better than machines”, or “it has to be done this way”. With the ultimate beauty in mind, structures are built using the most appropriate tools and techniques. What is used is not a big problem, the important thing is how that is used.


I believe this mentality is not only limited to crafts, but also necessary for your life as well.


What is demanded from you.

What you are good at.

What you wish to do.


It is important to arrange these conditions, think about the things you can currently do, look for the most suitable timing and put it into action.


The beauty of Ise Jingu comes from the myriad people who had spent countless years contemplating, and creating the ultimate beauty. What Ise Jingu passes on to the next generation every 20 years is not “traditional Japanese techniques”. I believe it’s “how the heart should be” in order to create truly beautiful things.
























At Suikoushya, we share traditional Japanese woodworking techniques and skills. Since it is a small group system, we will provide guidance tailored to each individual’s skills, from beginners to woodworking professionals. Please join us!
I look forward to sharing fine woodworking with you.

One month Japanese woodworking classes

Work at Ise Shrine~伊勢神宮の仕事~
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