Anyone can make a thing. Even if you do not have the required skills to make something, information can easily be gathered through books and videos, allowing one to quickly and easily make anything. Simply making the shape is something anyone can do.

However for us carpenters, we cannot do this kind of thing making. If it’s just making it clean and fast, you cannot win against machineries. The difference between things made by a machine and a person is the “thought” put into it. Humans are able to put “thoughts” into things.

“Thoughts” are cultivated in the preparation stages of making things. This preparation time is very important when making things.

In order to make things which moves people, just having skills is not enough. Neither is just having knowledge.

Focusing your mind entirely on the current task, making things while carrying a purpose. These are crucial in making things which moves people.







Making Things~物作り~