What it means to work fast


There are some things required in order to make the work actually quicker. Of course, proper preparation is expected. But a factor which decides the speed of work even further is the ability to make “judgements” and “decisions”.


Holding responsibility for everything you do, being determined, making quick judgements, able to make a decision. This is the secret to working the quickest one possibly can. When one works with hesitation, mistakes and back tracking increases, preventing you from proceeding straight.


Being able to instantly decide what and how each step should be done. This is what working quick means.


People have differences in their physical movements, but even so, it does not decisively set the speed of work. If one is prepared to push forward in a straight line without hesitation, we are definitely able to do precise, wonderful work.














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What it means to work fast~仕事が早いとは~
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