For this tier, you will get access to the filmed video of the one month course at Suikoushya, as well as 3 additional online classes.



The video series includes classes for the entire month, with about 30 hours worth of video content.

Plan and schedule

Introduction of Japanese woodworking(112min)

 Lesson 1 – About Tools – Kanna 34min

 Lesson 2 – AboutTools_Nomi 2.5min

 Lesson 3 – About Tools  Saw, Japanese joinery 54min

 Lesson 4 – About Tools Nomi  21min


How to setup and blade sharpening(206min)

 Lesson 5 – Nomi Setup 36min

 Lesson 6 – Nomi Sharpening 50min

 Lesson 7 – Kanna Setup and blade sharpening 60min

 Lesson 8 – Different kanna setup 60min


How to use the tools(60min)

 Lesson 9 – how to use the tools 60min


Understand Nature of tree(60min)

 Lesson 10 – Nature of tree 60min


Get familiar with the tools by making small things(138min)

 Lesson 11 – Making Stone base – Part 1 60min

 Lesson 12 – Making stone base – Part 2 60min

 Lesson 13 – Making stone base – Part 3 18min


Learn how to make materials(28min)

 Lesson 14 – Making tool box – Part 1 19min

 Lesson 15 – Making tool box – Part 2 9min


About the reference line(47min)

 Lesson 16 – Extra Topic – How to find reference line 47min


Learn how to use tools and grain through the production of joinery(80min)

 Lesson 17 – Joinery – Watari ago 40min

 Lesson 18 – Joinery – Watari ago (Update) 40min


Japanese Woodworking Thinking(8min)

 Lesson 19 – Way of Thinking 4min

 Lesson 20 – Joinery – hozo hozoana 4min


Extra (303min)

 How to make a Joinery

(arishiguchi凸凹-31 minutes, kamatsugi凸凹-26 minutes, kanawatsugi-19 minutes, okkake tsugi-12 minutes, daimochi tsugi 13 minutes, okuriari凸凹-23 minutes, hanasen hozo-7 minutes)

 How to make a Stonebase  15 minutes

 How to use Sashigane 15 minutes

 How to mark a line 8 minutes

 How to adjust Kanna 35 minutes

 How to make Kanna 73 minutes

 How to adjust and sharpen Nomi 23 minutes


How to fix when a chipped blade(140min)

 Fixing the chipped blade 24min

 Shachitsugi 60min

 Joinery – Arishiguchi 56min


A story(7min)

 A story 7min


Make your own tools(60min)

 Making Kanna Body 60min


Make a joinery (120min)

 Joinery – Koshikake aritsugi 1 60min

 Joinery – Koshikake aritsugi 2 60min


Story (58min)

 Lesson 27 story 58min


Story (7min)

 Spark Joy Story - 7min



 Self-introduction 2min

 Takenaka Carpentry Tools Museum visit 2min



Below is a sample clip of one of the lessons. Please have a look:


All your support for this campaign will be used to cover the cost of land lease and building materials needed to set up the school in France.

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