Suikoushya representative: Takami Kawai


Hello! I am Takami Kawai, a Japanese carpenter.

I am currently enjoying fine woodworking with people all over the world.

It’s simple, but I will introduce myself, so please take a look.


1: The day I decided to become a carpenter

What made me a carpenter was a house designed by my great-grandfather Kanjiro Kawai. He was a potter and artist who produced many works in the fields of sculpture, design, calligraphy, poetry, lyrics and essays.
I decided to be a carpenter at the age of 10.


2: Aiming for a new carpenter

I was aiming to be a new carpenter who will support the Japanese construction industry, so I decided to study architecture. So I went to the faculty of architecture at a national university and became a carpenter.


3: Training period

In Miyama-cho, Kyoto known as “Kayabuki no Sato”, I started a carpenter’s apprenticeship to protect the original scenery of good old Japan. The salary during this period was 100,000 yen a month.



4: Sharing dreams

At the age of 27, I married a woman who was my friend from college. By sharing dreams with her, my dreams come true one by one.


5: To Ise Shrine

I had the opportunity to participate in Ise Shrine rebuilding project.The first carpentry work at Jingu was to show my true ability. I couldn’t do it at first, so I felt embarrassed and frustrated, but the four years at Ise Jingu were pure fun and fulfilling times.


6: take disciple

I wanted to teach someone the excitement, joy, and satisfaction of what I learned at Ise Jingu. I took the plunge and adopted a disciple. While working with him, I found myself enjoying the joy of sharing carpentry skills.  In addition, taking advantage of his fluency in English, he will have the opportunity to share Japanese woodworking with people around the world.


7: Established suikoushya international craft school

February 2018 Kickstarter campaign started to create a Japanese woodworking class that can be learned in English. With the support of more than 200 people from dozens of countries around the world, we built a woodworking class in Kyoto, Japan.  We look forward to sharing the best woodworking with you at this Kyoto school, which we created together with Japanese woodworking fans around the world.



For more details, please watch the self introduction video.


I look forward to the day when I can share wonderful woodworking with you!

Japanese woodworking one month course