Nara Prefecture, next to Kyoto, has the oldest wooden building in the world. It was built about 1300 years ago. This photo is the part called the Udegi. This technology was already used 1300 years ago, and we still use it to get its functionality. This structural feature is simply a truss. However, by combining several parts, it creates a structurally strong atmosphere in terms of design.
There are many interesting buildings in Kyoto.
If you come to Kyoto, you can feel the fun of wooden architecture before you learn woodworking and even after you learn woodworking.
Let’s enjoy the wonderful world of woodworking with Suikoushya!


Even though Suikoushya International Craft School is now up and running in France, our Kyoto workshop will still continue to operate and we want to welcome you when you’re in Kyoto!

Here in Kyoto you can explore the many different wooden architectural treasures of Japan!

the oldest wooden building in the world~Kyoto Traditional Architecture guide~