A Guide to Kyoto’s Wooden and Traditional Architecture – Twin Tea Houses of Kodai-ji
It is not uncommon to relocate an entire teahouse to a new location. They would be dismantled and reassemble in their new home.
Kodai-ji’s (高台寺) twin tea houses of Kasa-tei (傘亭) and Shigure-tei (時雨亭) was once located in the Fushimi Castle. They are connected through a covered, packed earth walkway.
The single-storied teahouse is called Kasa-tei. The word kasa translate to an umbrella in English, and the exposed rafters inside the building resembles that of an opened umbrella, which gives the teahouse its namesake. The teahouse has a squared, hip roof covered in thatch, and the size and placement of the windows are different on each side of the building. In line with other rustic teahouse styles, Timber and other natural materials such as stone and bamboo are prominent features.



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Twin Tea Houses of Kodai-ji~Kyoto Traditional Architecture guide~