How to re-sharpen a blade when it doesn’t cut.
Chisels and planes will not cut well after being used for a while,
and will need to be adjusted so they can cut again.
Let me explain the steps for sharpening them.
First, adjust the bevel side using a 1000-grit whetstone.
Next, sharpen both the back side and the bevel side using the 8000-grit whetstone.
If both sides are polished and shiny, you can start cutting with them again.
However, if the blade on the bevel side doesn’t shine nicely, go back to the 1000-grit whetstone and make the flat shape.
If the backside doesn’t shine nicely, go back to the metal plate and make the shape so it is flat and polished.
Once the back side is polished using the metal plate,
re-adjust the shape of the bevel side using the 1000-grit, then use the 8000-grit on both sides.
If it’s shiny, it’s good to use.
Repeat these steps to keep your blade nice and sharp.
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How to re-sharpen a blade when it doesn’t cut.