A Guide to Kyoto’s Wooden and Traditional Architecture
Within a traditional Japanese Tea Garden, there are various structures other than the tea house itself. One such structure is the Waiting Arbour, or Sotokoshikake (外腰掛) in Japanese. It is a waiting area for the guests located outside of the middle gate of the garden.
In Katsura Imperial Palace, the Waiting Arbour was built in the style of a country house. It is an open structure covered by a large thatched hipped roof (寄棟茅葺屋根), supported by bamboo rafters and irregular barked timber beams and columns. It serves as the waiting area for the guests entering the Shokin-tei Tea House (松琴亭).

Even though Suikoushya International Craft School is now up and running in France, our Kyoto workshop will still continue to operate and we want to welcome you when you’re in Kyoto!

Here in Kyoto you can explore the many different wooden architectural treasures of Japan!



Sotokoshikake (外腰掛)