We took a walk around a few hardware stores to see if there may be something interesting hiding around.

Shimizu Kanamono:

A moderate-sized store, it has a wide and interesting range of tools for sale.

A hammer for every occasion.

A shelf full of chisels; from 1 “bu” (3mm) to 1 “su-n” 6 “bu” (48mm).

The blade of a “Chouna”. I’m guessing you have to make the handle yourself.

The many shapes and sizes of Kanna.

A Mizo Kanna (mechanical version). It is used to dig grooves (trenches).

Having a hard time picking the “perfect” saw?

Takeshou Noko Kanamono:

A small store on the corner of the street, it looks like one of those stores that only the local “pros” know. It is a little difficult to go in but there can be some bargains to be found.

Some of the tools here looks like it’s been sitting there for a while. But this also means the price has remained the same.

Tools always look better when placed in showcases.

To get the location of the stores, head over here: https://suikoushya.com/stores/


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A Walk Around Tool Stores
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