A Guide to Kyoto’s Wooden and Traditional Architecture
Daitoku-ji (大徳寺) is a large temple complex in Kyoto, where there are numerous sub temples within. It is also home of a number of highly regarded zen gardens and teahouses in all of Japan! Pictured in this post is the Main Buddha Hall (仏殿) of Daitoku-ji.
While the fan-shaped rafters from our previous post are often associated with the Great Buddha and Zen style of architecture (which historically had deep ties with China and Korea in its architectural development), the parallel rafter style, or heikoudaruki (平行垂木), are more distinctive seen as the Japanese style (和様).



Even though Suikoushya International Craft School is now up and running in France, our Kyoto workshop will still continue to operate and we want to welcome you when you’re in Kyoto!

Here in Kyoto you can explore the many different wooden architectural treasures of Japan!



Daitoku-ji (大徳寺)~Kyoto Traditional Architecture guide~