This store sells reclaimed wood, doors and other bits taken from houses. But unlike those jumbled reuse shops, this place is well managed, has a showroom and even a robot, Pepper.


Doors, sliding doors, windows, shoji, any type you may want.


Beams reclaimed from traditional houses. A lot of the materials used are quality materials and can be used for another 100 years if properly used.


Some interesting shapes.


Tired of plain wood finishes? Try these impressive, exotic ideas for the interior:

The wavy shape is traditionally made with a tool called chouna. Now, there are machines making the pattern.

Great for the wall and unlike how it may seem, it goes well as flooring as well. The feel is comfortable and it does not feel distracting.



The marks left by the saw is purposely left, giving it a unique look. It’s recommended to be used for the walls.

It can be used as flooring, though it is not recommended for bare-foot use as the surface can be a little rough. The uneven surface also means dirt can be hard to clean off.



Log panels to give the interior a log house feel?





You may want to finish the interior with wood but, find yourself asking these questions. “Does wood make any difference?” “Is it really worth the money?”

Here’s a little experiment:

Top: Both the floor and the walls uses “real” wood.

Below: Floor is plywood flooring, walls are fabric wall.

A slice of bread and a glass of water has been left inside each container for a few months.




Wood absorbs moisture – you can see in the glass, the water level has reduced. As for the bread, it is mold-free.



Unlike wood (above) fabric and plywood do not absorb much moisture. This means it is easier for mold to grow.



As you can see wood does make a difference. However, keep in mind wood requires regular ventilation and maintenance. As for whether it is worth it, that depends on the individual and what they seek.


Oh, lastly Pepper says “Hi”.

Antique Wood Store
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