In Japan, the roof is covered with the following plant materials: Hinoki bark, kokera boards , thatched roof. Among them, the KOKERABUKI that uses the roof board is very unique. It is a construction method in which thin boards such as sawara cypress and Sugi are laid on the field board at intervals of about 1 inch (3 cm), fastened with bamboo nails, and then sewn upward.
Roofing the roof with pieces of wood that are split along the grain creates a small gap between the boards. This promotes attic ventilation and improves the durability of the wood. The carefully crafted finish has an elegant and delicate elegance.



We, Suikoushya, plan to establish a school building in Ile de France in 2022. 

This is a project that we want to build with Suikoushya graduates and professional woodworkers. Through this real construction project, Takami would like to pass not only Japanese woodworking techniqs and craftsmanship but also the spirit of the Japanese people involved in making things.

If you are interested in this project, Please check it out


2022 One month course in Île de France

KOKERABUKI~woodworking master class in ile de france~