A Guide to Kyoto’s Wooden and Traditional Architecture
Having been the capital of Japan for more than a thousand years, Kyoto has an embarrassment of riches when it comes to aristocratic architecture, temples and shrines. Each temple or shrine seemingly has their very own style and personality. It is often in the details in which one can see the architectural elements and techniques that have evolved over the years.
A funahijiki (舟肘木) is a simple, Japanese style, boat-shaped bracket arm that can be commonly seen in traditional Japanese buildings. From the side, the bracket resembles that of a boat, hence the name funahikjiki. Here in Ninnan-ji (仁和寺) one can see the especially elongated funahijiki all around the goten complex (宸殿) of the temple.



Even though Suikoushya International Craft School is now up and running in France, our Kyoto workshop will still continue to operate and we want to welcome you when you’re in Kyoto!

Here in Kyoto you can explore the many different wooden architectural treasures of Japan!

A funahijiki (舟肘木) in Ninnaji~Kyoto Traditional Architecture guide~