In 2021, I will create a “Japanese Woodworking School ” in France.

Therefore, no classes will be held at Kyoto school.


In the future, I would like to use Kyoto school as a meeting place for woodworking fans visiting Japan.


Of course, it’s possible to hire a teacher other than me to continue Kyoto school, but I don’t like it.

Because I want to share woodworking with you.

It’s my pleasure that you learn Japanese woodworking skills, acquire it, and enjoy using it all the time.


Therefore, the number of students I accept each month is small, and I provide individualized guidance according to the students’ abilities.

I’m not going to make this school a manual and a place to teach only technique.

I would like to continue go around the world and enjoy woodworking with you.

For this reason, classes will not be held at Suikoushya Kyoto School.

If you want to learn woodworking in “Japan”, please go to another vocational school.

But I would be happy if you could wait for the day to return to Japan!


Also, the construction of a woodworking school is an advanced course and I will teach you the real construction.

Let’s improve your ability further!


After that, I will start teaching Japanese woodworking techniques in that building.


A school for woodworking fans by woodworking fans around the world!

Please look forward to the day we recruit students.


Enrich your life!

let’s have fun.