This is takami of suikoushya. I am japanese carpenter.

Today, I will talk about the theme of “Is the craftsman an artist?



I frequently get asked the difference between an artist and a craftsman.

This is how I see it:


Both professions express and create things,

 but a craftsman is more passive, whereas an artist is more active.


To explain, a craftsman is expected to fully give 100 percent on any given work. Not 80 percent, not 120 percent. Exactly 100 percent.


 Never allowed to express “themselves”, the steps involved in the making process is of little importance, as long as the requested product is made. 


A craftsman is someone who can do this.

On the other hand, an artist must continuously go beyond expectations. 


A constant expression of 120 percent or more is sought. Needless to say, at 80 percent, the artist’s existence will not be recognized. It’s a demanding world, always being expected to be new and creative.


Craftsmen are those who are not expected to change. Artists are those who are always expected to change.


Is this the difference between a craftsman and an artist?


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Is the craftsman an artist?