A Guide to Kyoto’s Wooden and Traditional Architecture
One of Kyoto’s most remarkable temples is also its most modest. The unassuming appearance of main hall of Sanzen-in (三千院) in Ohara makes it easy to blend with its natural surroundings as if the building is wearing a camouflage. Nested between the massive maple trees, one almost has to peek through the massive tree trunks in order to take a peek to see the building rising from the lush mossy temple grounds. While it differs from many of the city’s temples and shrines in that the wooden structure is largely left unpainted. The fine details and craftsmanship of its architecture is no less intricate, and perhaps even easier to appreciate.



Even though Suikoushya International Craft School is now up and running in France, our Kyoto workshop will still continue to operate and we want to welcome you when you’re in Kyoto!

Here in Kyoto you can explore the many different wooden architectural treasures of Japan!

main hall of Sanzen-in (三千院) in Ohara~Kyoto Traditional Architecture guide~