OKKAKE-TSUGI is a joinery that connects materials in a straight line. After combining, it is completely fixed with pegs, so it is a very durable joinery.
It cannot be connected from the side. Since it is a joinery that moves up and down, it cannot be used unless there is physical space above it. Therefore, the place where it can be used is limited.
That is the feature of OKKAKE-TSUGI.
One thing to note is the distance from the core of the post to the KAKITORI part.
In the Suikoushya Kyoto school building, there is a KAKITORI part 150 mm away from the core of the post.
Note that if the joinery is too far from the core of the post, the connection will be very weak.
It is better not to use joinery, but it is essential if the material is not long enough. Considering that the joints are very weak, you have to decide where to use the joinery.
With the Real Construction Project starting in 2022, you can learn how to make and use different joineries.



We, Suikoushya, plan to establish a school building in Ile de France in 2022. 

This is a project that we want to build with Suikoushya graduates and professional woodworkers. Through this real construction project, Takami would like to pass not only Japanese woodworking techniqs and craftsmanship but also the spirit of the Japanese people involved in making things.

If you are interested in this project, Please check it out


2022 One month course in Île de France

Japanese joinery [OKKAKE-TSUGI]