Grandfather lived in an old, tradition Japanese wooden house.

When I was younger, whenever we visited grandfather’s house, I was fascinated by the the various joineries seen around. Now that I reflect on it, it was this fascination in joineries that made me enter the world of crafts.

For “Joineries”, the wood is made into the suitable shape and size to be optimally connected together. This is never done to decorate the structure. It is done simply for it to serve it’s function.

However for whatever reason, it fascinated 10 years old me, as though it was a work of art.

Why do I feel “beauty” in the joinery.

Made solely for functionality, that is simply the reason why joineries are so beautiful.

The result of relentlessly seeking for functionality, a form when all unnecessary things has been eliminated. Is that why I feel beauty in joineries?

We are moved by and feel beauty in the form of nature as it is.

For example, the plants, or the colours and shape of flowers. In order to survive, out of necessity it was driven to become into that shape, a form clearly with no waste. That is why, I believe we recall the beauty and are moved by those shapes. I feel the same about joineries.

When you consider how wood can be used even longer, stronger and more beautifully without putting it through unreasonable conditions, joineries become the most effective shape. Shapes made in this way never has any unnecessity and instead of “man made beauty”, there exists “universal beauty”.












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Why are joineries beautiful~なぜ継ぎ手は美しいのか~
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